Immigration judges sue Trump administration over alleged free-speech violation

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Last Wednesday, immigration judges across the U.S. have sued the Trump administration to overturn a rule that bans them from freely voicing their opinion on law and policy.

The rule allows for immigration judges to be disciplined or even fired for publicly discussing their opinion on immigration-related issues. The current immigration system is in need of reform and those with the most knowledge on how the system works are being silenced.

GTH’s own and past president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Philadelphia chapter, Brennan Gian-Grasso, said “Consistently throughout this administration, the EOIR has tried to wall off the judges from the community… The public suffers because judges are in the best position to explain very, very complicated law.” Brennan also said that in the past, “immigration judges were absolutely meticulous about saying, ‘This is my opinion on the matter, it doesn’t reflect official policy.’ They were so professional. … The current administration wants immigration law to happen in the dark, and this is another example of how they further that goal.”

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