New hope for asylum seekers turned away at the border

Source: Immigration Impact

A federal judge decided that the case, Al Otro Lado v. Wolf, may proceed as a class action. This means that the original plaintiffs (14 individuals and an organization that assists asylum seekers) can seek relief for both themselves and the asylum seekers who have been or will be prevented from accessing asylum at ports of entry. The lawsuit challenges the Trump administration’s policy of turning back asylum seekers at ports of entry (aka “Turnback Policy“).

The Turnback Policy includes all the different tactics used to reject asylum seekers from ports of entry, including “misrepresentation, threats and intimidation, verbal abuse and physical force, metering, and coercion to deny bona fide asylum seekers the opportunity to pursue their claims.”

In the decision, the federal judge found that the “evidence demonstrates that CBP’s different methods of turning back asylum seekers were all part of an ‘overarching policy’ that furthers the ‘administration’s objective of restricting asylum access.'”

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